Jonathan Gromer’s New Truck 2017

By Jonathan Gromer / March 01, 2016
Truck Expert


For the truck junkie, Christmas comes after New Year’s Day. Low gas prices and the hottest sales figures in the industry mean a year stuffed with new models and concepts. Strong light truck sales are bolstering the bottom line of manufacturers as more traditional options like sedans see less interest. With the Wall Street Journal reporting annual sedan sales down an average of 2 percent from 2015’s dismal midsize, small and luxury car purchases, automakers are turning to light trucks to feed our hunger for utility and flexibility.

It’s early in the new year and already announcements from the cavernous halls of the Detroit Auto Show’s Cobo Center have been matched by launches at the Chicago Auto Show. News leaking from the quiet, secluded lanes outside corporate testing facilities and hints dropped in private slideshows point to our daydream trucks coming true soon, and light-truck concepts are more about what’s about to manufactured rather than what dreams could happen. Read More


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