Truck Driver’s Expectation

Updated March 01, 2017

Truck driving jobs make up over three million jobs nationwide.There are four primary types of shipping; air, rail, ships and trucks. Of these four shipping modes, trucks are the most versatile, therefore the most crucial and most prominent. With small exception, nearly every product sold spends at least a portion of its transport on a commercial motor vehicle.

The truck driver is employed to either pick up or deliver freight.

Shipments may need to be hand unloaded by the driver, although this is not always the case. A commercial motor driver must follow all Department of Transportation laws and regulations.

A truck driver must possess a commercial driver’s license in most cases.

The Life of a Truck Driver

It is a driver’s job to know what road he or she can travel. Not all roads are truck routes. And while it is reasonable to assume that such roads would be clearly marked as non-truck routes, that is not always the case. Therefore, a driver must take time in preparation of his or her route to determine which are the best roads to travel.Read More…


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